Cold Room / Freezer Room

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Published: 13th August 2012
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Goods Description:

Nice Appearance The insulated panel and framework are available in dozens of colors which are to be elected in satisfactory harmony with various styles of buildings.

Insulation Polyurethane or polystyrene with low thermal conductivity and high strength is utilized, achieving good insulation performance.

Short Construction Period Fast installation

Hygienic Conditions Of Food Inside Cold Stores Are Up To The Standards.

Durable Building Structure, Super Quality Material

PU Sandwich Panel:
Steel Thickness 0.2~0.6mm
Panel Thickness 50/75/100/125/150/200 mm
Effective Width (1) 950/mm ---for roof
(2) 950/1150mm---for wall or ceiling
Length According to customer's request, but less than 6m
Materials Inner is polyurethane, both sides is Color steel tile
Structure three layers:
(1)upper layer is steel sheet,
(2)the inner layer is PU sandwich,
(3)the bottom layer is also steel sheet
PU Density 38-43(kg/m),etc

Cold Room Door:

1. The cold storage room panel is durable in use, color lasting & coated layer keeping.

2. It is made with Bayer polyurethane material by high pressure foaming. The cold room panel density is up to 40kg/m3 or above.

3. The internal cold room floor panel of our cold room is made by 1.2mm zinc coated panel and durable for anti-scratch.

4. The hinged door panel of our cold-room is made by heavy duty door hinge, heavy duty door lock and hydraulic door closer.

5. The connection of our cold room panels are made with PE sealing rubber which is with high quality sealing.

6. The connection of our cold room is with cam lock construction and exocentric fasteners for tight connection and sealing of the cold room.

Refrigeration Unit (MDX):
1. Copeland compressor is very reliable. It can work continuously for a very long time;
2. Beautiful and durable appearance design, anti-collision and rain proof;
3. Small space occupying, convenient for packing and transportation;
4. Easy installation; wall mounted, ceiling mounted and splits.
5. Efficient and powerful fan which has big blast volume and low power consumption;
6. Efficient heat transfer and ultra quiet design, easy operation.

1. With painted steel outside.

2. Copeland scroll compressor, single or three phase 3. Condenser with blue hydrophilic aluminum fins 4. Axial condenser fan motor 5. ABB or Schneider (main isolator switch, contactor, overload protector, time relay) 6. Phase sequence protection device for 3 phase units 7. Danfoss dual pressure switch, Danfoss liquid sight glass, Danfoss filter drier 8. Liquid receiver with Castel pressure gauge 9. Low pressure and high pressure gauge 10. Liquid cut-off valve and suction cut-off valve 11. Fault indicator light 12. Fan speed, controller, acoustic lining, compressor jacket

We created a new brand for our Refrigeration System. We sold the products all over the world and got many reputations.
Product Features of our MDX

a. Wide range of models readily available.

b. Different Models to suit any application at all.

c. Extensive research and cost has gone into the development, to ensure that it complies with all of the Australian and Europe requirements for such units.

d. Attractive appearance and anti-rust coating applied.

e. Evaporator and Condenser fins with unique multi-layer design, this allows for superior air transfer and assists to ensure a high level of operational efficiency.

f. Only leading brands of Compressors are selected to ensure high efficiency, conservation of energy and low noise operation.

g. Units are fitted with a variety of protection systems for the longevity of the Unit, and safety of the operator. These include delay protection (Start), overload protection, thermal protection, high pressure protection and compressor


h. Following the rigorous factory testing and commissioning, they are right ready for use as soon as they are delivered.

Our website has made high quality products and innovative solutions
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